We stands with BIPOC USHR in their support of our friend Mehdi to stay in Canada

The Black Collective Media stands with BIPOC USHR in their support of our friend Mehdi to stay in Canada, the place he has called home for nearly 10 years.

In July of 2021, Mehdi was experiencing a mental health crisis. He was admitted to the Hillsborough Hospital where he was receiving the care he needed. This has resulted in the Canadian Border Services Agency seeking to deport our friend.

CBSA has no place in our hospitals. In one of few places where we turn to for care and safety, this violent federal institution has broken down what little trust we had in seeking the health care we need. We are seeing now once again how BIPOC are criminalized for seeking help for themselves.

For our white Canadian born friends, we need you to know that the CBSA does not work in your interest. They seek to disrupt the lives and livelihoods of migrant POC families and communities, just as they are doing with our friend. It is sickening to think about how many people might have been deported by the CBSA from hospitals across PEI without our knowledge. And it breaks our heart to know that our neighbours might now be hesitant to seek help when they need it.

While we try to address all aspects of this case, BIPOC USHR urgently needs community support to help Mehdi. We please ask that you share this story widely, and donate to the legal fund generously. All the money raised will go to cover the costs of hiring immigration lawyer Lee Cohen to advocate for Mehdi and present the profundity of this injustice.

The details of this case are all available in a CBC article. We are putting our faith, prayers, and love behind Mehdi, his immigration lawyer Lee Cohen, and the members of BIPOC USHR who do community care and protect our neighbours when they need protecting. We stand with you all in fighting this injustice and working to keep Mehdi on the island he has called home for so long.

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